Friday, October 7, 2011

Horrible Posting Schedule

I think I need to definitely work on my posting schedule. I was doing great the first couple months.

I have done a *lot* around the house. Other things need more organization. I have 3 piles of dirty clothes just lying there. 2 stacks of papers I need to go through. My television is sitting on a chair, and my floating shelf for my television electronics is lying unfinished.

Goals. I *will* finish the shelf within the next 2 weeks. Or at least decide on a final paint job I would like to do and get started on the detail.

I *will* start running in the mornings. Or evenings. Okay - at least every 24 hour period which I do not have an exam or paper due. Or the boys have music lessons. Or... well... Whatever. I *will* start running. Soon. "Ish".

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